Leveraging the robust Global Cents (GCI) PowerApp platform, Preolas PowerApps are compatible with both the Smart and Classic UI, ensuring seamless integration and accessibility for all users.

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Legacy Audit

The Legacy Audit PowerApp enables organisations to present data from Legacy or other systems directly against the objects in Content server.

Physical Object Detailed Audit

This PowerApp addresses the business issue whereby detailed audit information for Physical Objects (Files, Boxes, DVD’s etc) is not directly available for the business user. The information can only be accessed via special reports that are only available to privileged users, however it contains important details that the business user needs to be able to make informed decisions. The Physical Object Detailed PowerApp brings this information to the business user directly against the object they are working on

Published Sign-Out Flag

The Object indication PowerApp provides business users with a visual indication that an event has happened to an object in the system. The purpose of this PowerApp is simply to inform the users of these events by way of a visual icon that is assigned to the object.

This PowerApp indicates to a business user that the Published document they are working on has had its Master Vault document (the document’s native version) “Signed Out” for change within the Controlled Document process.

Download PowerApps

Document Download

The Document Download PowerApp allows the business user to collect any documents they have permission to access into a collection, and then download them to a shared File Drive that they can access.

Transmittal Document Download

The Transmittal Document Download PowerApp enables the Document Controller to collect (or list via a load file) the Transmittals they need to download documents from. The documents will be downloaded to a shared File Drive that they can access.

Audit Archive

The Audit Archive PowerApp allows IT staff to schedule a transfer of specified audit data to a separate table that can be backed up separately. This reduces the load on the core Audit table which will help end user performance and nightly backups. The Audit data is still accessible as normal for an object via the Audit tab, however the archived data is loaded from the separate archived table.

Preolas Packages

Preolas Packages module offers enhanced tracking and control over document packages, guaranteeing that only approved versions are updated and finalised.

Perfect for Tender/FP packages, Engineering Transmittals, Transport Consignments, Legal Contracts, Product Manuals, and beyond.

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